There are many steps to import cars from the UK to Australia but not as complicated as you have heard from outside. One can easily do this with the guidance of car importers or shipping companies. The most important thing is that you must have all the import requirements for Australia. Get your vehicle import approval to Importing car from UK to Australia. Obtain shipping insurance as you don’t know unpredictable events like an accident that happens during importing. Obtaining shipping insurance will make sure to compensate your loss in case of any damage from the UK to Australia and on your doorstep. Pay custom duty and arrange inspection team including quarantine inspection if necessary. To drive on public roads you have to get proper registration of your vehicle so that you will enjoy your driving without any stress to have fine. There are different ways of importing car from UK to Australia. You may ship your car in a shared container it will cost less. You will also import your car in a sole container but that will charge more the main advantage to having sole shipment is its time that is about 8 weeks or less and by shared container, this period will increase up to 12 weeks. And you will also need additional time for an inspection and other requirements. 

How much does it cost to import a car from the UK to Australia?

You have to pay almost 3k dollars to import a car from the UK to Australia. Along with that keep in mind the other charges like 10% GST, customs duty fee, and others as well. When imported to Australia you have to charge for quarantine inspection, clearance, and port service fee also. Luxury car taxes and GST will be paid by you. You have to pay 10% customs duty. If you want to modify your vehicle then you have to pay extra charges for that. After all this, you have to pay your registration fee for your vehicle that you are importing car from UK to Australia. Last but not least you have to pay for shipment protection cover. 

Car shipment ideas for importing your car from the UK to Australia:

Car with household items:

You can import your car with household items in a single load. It is the best option to import a car from the UK to Australia with your homewares if you are shifting to Australia.

Only car: 

You can import a car only if you are living in Australia. You can import either by shared container or sole container.

RO/RO option:

Another option of shipment is the roll-on roll-off service, but this service is available on some ports as it has some disadvantages of not having the same protection as in the container.

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