pigeon nesting under solar panels

Birds are always in flight or in different state they are in search for shelter areas for rest. Presence of solar panel systems mounted on the roof is one ideal locations of rest for all kinds of birds. In moments like the pigeon nesting under solar panels can cause severe damage to the individual components of the panels. Therefore, immediate safety control practices need to be taken to address this issue. The presence of birds under solar panel must be avoided for safe and secure working of the panels. These can stain, leaks, corrosion action and faults down-regulating the overall efficiency of panel performance.

Pigeon nesting under solar panels

Solar connections with roof mounted panels are additional electric supply to the main course building which are usually switched on in the absence of the main power supply. Therefore, as a secondary supplement the solar panel complex must be maintained in a good working condition. This accuracy can sometime get damaged because of the pigeon nesting under solar panels. These birds can cause serious faults particularly in the wiring assembly of the panels. In addition to the pigeons, many other predators and birds can use the solar panels as sort of shelter for their rest period.

The bird’s poop and even only their presence can block the sunlight pathway to the panel, reducing the efficiency and accuracy of power generation by the panels. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the panels as well as the owner’s investment precautionary measures are stated to be taken.

Consequences of birds under solar panel

The birds under solar panel can markedly and surpassingly contributes to the failure of the entire panel complex. They do this by dropping and nesting materials as well as eating left overs which can create a mess and faults in the panels. In addition to being present under the panels, birds can also land over the panels which can be equally damaging for the birds too. If the panel system is installed without the mesh work over it, the birds can drill holes and cause corrosive effects in the panels, wires and batteries.

It can also affect the small module installed in the panels, ruining the entire infrastructure of the complex. To avoid the complication arise by the birds under solar panel, cleaning and safety controls must be addressed. Cleaning is also a major concern too, as while securely removing the bird’s droppings like poops etc. can cause immense damage to the aluminum frames of the panels. In addition to it, panel cells reactivity can also be lowered by the blockage in light reaching the panel from sun.


Pigeon nesting under solar panels creates a huge financial loss by disrupting the normal functions of the solar panel. It is recommended to avoid the sheltering of birds under solar panels to carry on the accuracy and swift operation of the electric power supply.