There are many countries in this whole world which are rich in their own abilities. This means that every country need and want to produce all these things which are very preferable and beneficial for all the people who are living in the community and also in the society so government order in the proposal of the big industries which have a big industrial sector and production sector so the things which are decided from them are very preferable for the government and government also take law according to this production cycles. The asbestos legislation is one of the most important act which are done by the government in many countries and the reason for this is that asbestosis are very harmful material which countries were using for many period of time so when the government realize that this thing is not preferable for the human being health so they do an act to prevent the use of asbestos and give another type of things in order to make substitute. Fit testing is one of the most important act and also respiratory fit testing is assumed to be the similar as fit testing.

Procedure of respiratory fit testing:

  • In order to do a very good analysis of fit testing us always have to follow some different steps and then we have to analyse them by comparing it with an ideal so that we can easily understand which thing is more important and which thing is deniable.
  • In accordance with asbestos legislation we see the first step which is well breathing all we can also say that normal breathing in which the worker who is doing work under a lot of gases is first examined by checking his normal breath. If he is taking the breath very normally and there is no reduction or resistance we can easily see that this person is healthy and need no more extra care.
  • The second step includes deep breathing in which the depth of the breeds are measured and the person which are using to use the same environment have been under examination so that the doctors or researchers take his deep breath test which give him more information and attention.
  • The third step include moving head side to side. In fit testing and also respiratory fit testing both include the head side by side conversation so that the examiner easily see all the sides of the breath and are able to see e and give conclusion more accurately and precisely. Still this type for this step do not have so much complexity and inconvenience.
  • The next step include hair is talking in this step the researchers or examiners and examine the talking of the patient or person so that he would be able to see that is per teeth is taking any resistance in the path of talking or not. Other type of fit testing do not carry this step.